Vlog 85 The Irish navy

As usual, the Monday vlogs are the catchup of my weekend. It was the first weekend since Sliotar’s Friday night shows were pulled, so I wasn’t sure what to do with myself this Friday 😀 But the Welsh were in town due to the Six nations rugby, and that made for a busy weekend. The apartment hunt has taken a lot of my time, so I knew I had to get my run in this Sunday morning. This time I even risked the rain and brought my camera with me 🙂 The risk was worth it as I got to capture one of the Irish naval forces ships. Yep, I am geek about this kind of stuff 😉

And we finish the vlog with me and Des rocking out some songs in the Porterhouse. I’ll be honest with you, the apartment hunt has me under a quite a lot of stress, but even at that, it was actually quite nice weekend 🙂 Hope yours was good as well.


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