Vlog 75 Canon G7X

Today’s vlog is all about my Canon G7X camera, that I use currently to film most of my vlogs. Here is what I think about the camera and why I use it. And as we are talking cameras, I also branch out a bit into talking about how I want to improve the future vlogs. Few quick points I forgot to mention in the vlog itself:

My biggest problem with the Canon G7X is the sound, although it has overall a god sound, the built in microphone does pick up the sound of the autofocus a bit and yes that can be annoying, but not a deal breaker.

I was little bit hesitant on this review first as I know we have talked a bit about technical stuff lately, but then I realised that most of us own a camera of some sort 😀 So even if filming video is not for you, there is still a lot here to enjoy 🙂


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