Vlog 69 Is that sun out there?

It had been a grey and dark week here in Dublin, and even though the temperatures started to rise a bit, the wind was still vey cold. So in the middle of all my writing, I noticed the sun shining on the window of my office. This called for a photo/film session and bit of fresh air 🙂 Before I adventure out I talk a bit about recording music, and how you should never let the gear, or the lack of it get on the way of recording music. I know what you’re thinking, “Easy for you to say.”

But I honestly think that as long as you have a way to connect clean audio to your computer, and this could even be a USB microphone, I could record a track. The song always comes first. If the song is not good, no amount of studio magic will make it sound great.

Oh yeah, and big massive thank you for every one of you 6000 people who followed me on Instagram. You guys rock! And small apology for the wind hitting the microphone, I have the wind jammers ordered, in the post and on the way.

The rest of the vlog is me capturing this beautiful city on a glorious winter day. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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