Vlog 51 New year fireworks

Here is what we got up to on New Years eve. Some friends of ours invited us into their house as an alternative to getting babysitters for Piotrek and Viola’s kids. I honestly love those kids, and much rather spent the night with them. Anyway, I am not much of a big organised party kind of person. In my opinion the expectations people put on parties like that are much higher than the real thing. I much preferred the sitting around with friends for few drinks, good food and a lot of laughs.

Now as it was a New Years eve, me and Piotrek (I call him Peter) slashed out on some fireworks. I turn in to a little kid in moments like these 😉 But on a serious note, I know we were all laughing, but when of the firework pots flipped over and started to shoot all around us, things could have gone wrong… Be careful when handling fireworks.

Big thank you to Joanna and Wojtek for their generous hospitality. It was a great night 🙂


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