Vlog 20 Coffee talk

So todays vlog covers two things really. First of all, I am asking your opinions and advice on what should I do with the low light issue with my Vloggin set up. Currently the iPhone 6 is serving me well, but I am kind of limited to vlog when there is good light. So I am thinking I might need to fork out on a fancy point and shoot type camera. I’ve read a lot of great things about the Sony RX 100 mark 3 and 4, though the four is starting to be well out of my budget. Also the Cannon G7X seems to be impressive. But the reality is that for me to afford those cameras, it will probably be next year, and I a tempted to snap some older models second-hand. But lets see. Let me know what you think I should do?

The second is the “Coffee Talk,” which I will probably turn into a regular feature on my blog. This one is my introduction to my new Nespresso machine. I am well impressed! And no, as someone asked, it does not come with George Clooney 😀 Anyway… Here’s a link to the machine I am using at the moment:

Nespresso D40 Inissia

So there you go. Let me know your thoughts on the cameras and if there is anything special coffee related you’d like me to feature in my “Coffee Talk.”


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