Vlog 172 Boss DS-1 mod

I remember few years back someone sold me a second hand Boss DS-1 for next to nothing. It was rough and ready… But as it had been in production since 1978, I thought there was more in the box than meets the eye. So I decided to look into some mods for this pedal. After some trial and error I settle on this extremely easy modification that only required cutting the end of two diodes.

Before I go any further, two things. First of all, if you mod your Boss pedal, the impressive five-year warranty is avoid straight away. Also working with electronics is potentially dangerous, if in doubt, ask someone with experience to do this mod for you. I take no responsibility on any damage to you or your equipment, you are doing this at your own risk.

Having said that, this is easy. Open the four screws, gently pull out the circuit board. Find diodes D4 and D5, snip the ends of them. Put the pedal back together and don’t forget the plastic between the circuit board and the back plate, and you should be good to go 🙂

We’ll make another video from the rehearsals, with Brian testing it out.


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