Vlog 136 Things are getting steamy

On the Easter Monday Dublin had more events going on than one could even dream to catch in one day. Inevitably you had to choose what you wanted to see. But for me there was no questions as few friends of ours are involved in restoring old steam engines. In fact their family has been involved in it for the past four generations. As a part of the easter rising celebrations, they brought three old steam tractors to Merrion Square. This was a vlogging opportunity I would not miss 😉

The oldest of these steam tractors date back to 1897. In the video they are run idle, but I was told that when they are actually working, the smoke blows much higher in the air. They do traveling shows few times a year and I do have an open invitation, so maybe one of these days we make a vlogging trip out of it 😉 Oh yeah, and check out the Band organ.

Anyway hope you enjoy these beauties, and the other old vehicles in display. If you want to find out more about the Irish steam engines, check out: www.irishsteam.ie On the website you can also find out where they are going to be around summer. Thank you to Nigel and Nicola for giving us the full VIP tour 🙂


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