Vlog 135 Live in The Porterhouse

From time to time as a vlogger you capture something you feel is special. It does no need to be technically perfect, but it still feels special. When due to strange set of circumstances Brian O’Shea ended up playing with me and Des in the Porterhouse Saturday gone, I had a feeling it was worth filming. After the first few bars into the first set of tunes I had a feeling something special was happening. Now at the end of the day whether I think it is special is neither here or there. What it comes down to is what you, the viewer think 🙂

This vlog is little bit of that show. Me on the guitar and singing, Brian on the electric banjo and Des on the drums. We had the crowd on our side and the staff were still talking about it few days later (which is always a great sign.) So let me know what you think of theses live tracks.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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