Traditional Irish music and pineapples

photo 4 (3)For the past few days I got to play some trad sessions with good friends of mine. I wrote a blog post about the Irish Music Sessions in Temple Bar, where I live. Check it out and you know how strongly I feel about this subject. We decided to take things one step further yesterday 😉 Before our session we wen’t around the pubs in the area and handed them pineapples, if they did not have traditional Irish session in the bar. And let me clarify that few musicians playing songs through sound system is not a session, it is a small concert, or a pub gig. You might wonder what is the connection with pineapple and Irish sessions? Well, that’s the thing, Nothing! Pineapple is very common fruit, but at the same time it does not grow in Ireland. The idea of us handing pineapples to pubs might seem surreal, but for us musicians who grew up surrounded by sessions, the thought of pubs in Temple Bar, the so called “Cultural quarter” of Dublin not having a session is about as surreal. Bring back Traditional Irish Sessions to the heart of capital city!


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