Tools for promoting your music

As a musician I seem to be constantly fighting a battle on when to spend and when not to spend money. I thought I share here with you some of my experiences and services I have used and thought were money well spent.

The biggest first. Music Marketing Manifesto
This is bit more expensive one, but it is also the one that has changed the most for me. I would call this a course on music marketing. The tools and advice I got from it is worth many times the price. Let’s just say even the wordpress theme provided is worth it alone. Click on the link to check it out: Music Marketing Manifesto

We all have seen these “Get 10000 YouTube views overnight” websites out there. The thing is, these are not real views! They only open the video for a fraction of a second, to register as a view. These views are only good for boosting your own ego… Now how about you could actually target your videos to people who might be interested in your music? Real organic views? Real people who like your music subscribing to your YouTube channel? Like the sound of it?
Then check out TubeAssist!


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