Ted Talks every musician should watch

Ted Talk’s have been around a long time now and some of the greatest innovators of every field have given their insides on numerous subjects. There are some that stood out to me as informative and inspirational as a musician. So I thought to post them here for you all to see. I believe one of the most famous ones is the Amanda Palmers Talk on the art of asking, but I thought as we are supposed to be artists after all, lets start with the creative project. Elizabeth Gilbert Talks about “Your elusive creative genius”

And here is the Amanda Palmers famous talk, that explains how she took the crowd funding to completely new level.

Anybody who has ever been in a band knows how hard it is to try to build following. But the hardest thing is to get those few dedicated fans, not just your old school mates, but true fans. Derek Sivers Talk on “How to start a movement” is a great example of this.

So many people have asked me over the years do I get nervous before a show. My answer is I get more anxious, I just wan’t to get the waiting part over and play 🙂 But yeah, it took me long time to feel as comfortable on front of a crowd as I do today. If you suffer from stage fright, watch Joe Kowan’s Talk on How he got over his 🙂

If you are an artist, you know it can be torment as much as the best thing in the world. This speech reminded me of those extra special moments when I have managed to touch people with my music. It also reminds me of the underlying power of the music. Music is medicine 🙂 Enter Robert Gupta

So there you go. If the good people at behind Ted Talks keep up their good work, I’m sure there will be a second part to this post. Also if you know a Ted Talk you think should be here, let me know.


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