March 26, 2016

Blood on my hands

Blood on my hands by J.P. Kallio This weeks song is a final part of a trilogy of three songs. The story started with “Tell my darling” where a misguided young man thought expressing true love requires a diamond ring….

19th of October Blog update

Another week in the bag! I’ve been feeling the pressures of my self set project or recording 52 songs in 52 weeks more this week than ever before, so the week 42 was the one that finally decided to test…


So here we are, another album comes to an end. Once again sharing these songs with you guys have been amazing experience. I’d say I might be getting teary eyed, but as usual, behind the scenes, I am already working…

Journey Instruments OF420

It was November 2003. I was in transit in the Heathrow Airport. I had left Dublin few hours ago and I had two weeks of concerts ahead of me. We were asked to do a security check at the airport….