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How does the creative mind find balance

How does the creative mind find balance?

There is no doubt in my mind that I thrive on hard work. I love creating. Whether it is writing songs, taking photos, making videos, building brand and community around bands, or building a team and community with Melosity, the desire to build and share is definitely a big part of my life. I am up at 6.15 am most mornings and tonight I am still up writing this, as the street outside our rented apartment in Temple Bar grow quiet. I do it because I love it.

Earlier today I was talking with a good friend of mine how fast this year is flying by. I can’t believe it is already April! At this rate, I’ll be stressing about Christmas presents in no time at all. But he reminded me that my birthday is coming up next month. This woke up a thought in me.

Do I want my life to flash by as I work my way through it? Don’t get me wrong, as I mentioned above, I love what I do. And often I wish I could do more. But today as the week rolls from Sunday night to early hours of Monday morning, the word floating in my mind is balance. How do we find balance?

It is so easy to run after your dreams like a headless chicken, but is it really worth it if you don’t have time to take it all in? Four years ago I wanted to write more music. I put my head down and wrote songs, lots of songs. 156 songs in three years to be precise. At the end of it, I was in need of a break. Then Melosity came along. I was thrown into the world of a music tech startup. My long days turned into even longer ones.

I suppose that’s me in a nutshell when I go in, I go all in. It might not be the healthiest option, but it is the only way I know. So here in the early hours of Dublin night, I wonder, how do we find balance? Should we tame that creative monster inside our heads that keeps us awake at night, as it just keeps throwing ideas at us when we are trying to sleep? How do we prioritize what really matters? How do we focus?

Thousand Sleepless Nights collaboration

I have been talking about the importance of collaborations in the music industry lately a lot. It is something the YouTube world has taught me. I also had the desire to do something more with many of the songs I have written in the past three years. Now that I am helping Melosity on a more permanent basis, I am actually doing a free internship to help them out (offer value before you ask for anything, clever words from the mighty Gary Vaynerchuck) and as part of my role here is to be involved in active collaborations. So I thought it would be a bit of fun to see what we could do with one of my songs. Boy have I been blown away by the results! With the permission from everyone involved I wanted to share the track with you all as well 🙂

The experience has been nothing short of an amazing one. To see the realtime collaboration happening right in front of my eyes. To see how much heart and soul the musicians are throwing into the project just for the experience and fun of being involved. This all has made me realise that I want to do more. I want to help other musicians as well. So if any of you need a hand on a project, just drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to pass on the favour.

I had the pleasure to meet Aaron Levy (drums) and Azi Crawford (Bass, keys, electric guitar and backing vox) through the platform and look forward to collaborating with these guys more, but also with everyone else who wants to get involved. If you want to join in our next project, just click HERE.

As always have been the case with my other songs, this one is also available for a free download from my Bandcamp page HERE. Let me know what you think of our collaboration.


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Dublin Castle tour

Vlog 236 Dublin Castle tour

In today’s vlog I talk about this weeks new song, catch up with Melosity and take you on a small tour around the Dublin Castle. It is a little gem inside the city 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a Singer-songwriter and a daily vlogger
To get EIGHT of his songs for free go HERE

Vlog 167 Melosity looking for testers

Today’s vlog started with a rusty J.P. 😀 I had a few classes of wine the night before, and had a slow start to the day. But I heard some cool news from Melosity, so after a walk around the town to clear my head, I hooked up with Rory to check on the progress. And I think it is important to make it clear here, that even though I have assisted Melosity, our relation is more of a friendship than anything else. And even though I was hired for a once off writing job for them, I do not work for the company, I just like to help them 🙂

Anyway, Melosity is looking for musicians who would like to test the system. The requirement is that you will offer feedback to Melosity and I would personally ask you to actually test it out as well. If you are a musician and want to test it out, Email me at jpkallio@hotmail.com and I will put you on to Rory.

So I hope you enjoy today’s vlog 🙂


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Vlog 95 Hiding from the hailstones

In today’s vlog I am finishing stuff. It is time to wrap few things up before I need to start packing up my office ready for the move. There is no point pretending that the move won’t slow down things for few days. The first draft of my writing assignment is now done and this weeks song was sent to mastering, so productive day all around 🙂

Then I headed over to The Porterhouse for the session and as soon as I got in from the door, the weather turned and hailstones started falling of the sky. It was a good day 🙂


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Vlog 59 I like Mondays

This vlog was filmed on Monday, and I like Mondays 🙂 I was catching up with few friends, Rory from Melosity, and Barra, who I play with regularly, but for some reason our schedules have been all over the place and we hadn’t seen each others for about a month. The mysterious job, will stay mysterious for time being, but as you might detect from the video, I am quite exited about it 😉

Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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20th of June Blog update

FeelingtheloveIt has been amazing week. I have really felt the love and support from you guys in the past week. I mean I always do, but somehow it just has been amplified this week 🙂 And all your lovely messages has made me just want to work harder. And I did push my self a lot. I had few things in the back boiler, that just did not seem to get done. But this week they did get done, and done in style.

I kind of find it hard to even imagine that “other” model in the music business, where I might not have direct contact and communication with you guys.

I thought I’ll include a new little feature into these weekly blog updates. And this is me looking back what I learned in the past week. Learning is something we do all the time, and sometimes even unconsciously. So this is as much for my self to journal, as for you guys to think what you learned in the past week:

What did I learn this week:
– I do enjoy problem solving, especially when it is music, music business or music technology related.
– Graphic is the best way to show people inaccuracies, who might have limited musical ear training.
– You need to consume a lot of salt and magnesium, while in ketosis 😀
– The importance of asking.

Obviously that is not a complete list, but those were the things that stood out for me. What did you learn this week?

And now off to this week’s blog posts:

This week’s song is about those magical moments we can have through live music, and how we should make the most of it when those moments come along:

While I’m Here

Do you ever dream about leaving it all behind? If so, you should read Monday’s blog post “New beginnings”

New beginnings

I always come by some unfortunate individual, who think they can shout and bully their way in to success. In my experience the secret is a lot more simple:

Quick tip 116 Secret of success

Finding a good investor in music business the same rules apply as in any other business. Investor should not only offer money, but care about how you invest it. Good investors advice is as valuable as the financial investment, and a bad investor will do more harm than good to your career. Read more here:

Investment in the music business

Being true as an artist will shine through everything you do. People will pick up on it and respond to it:

Quick tip 117 Be true

Would you like me to help you record your song? Would you like me to record a guitar for you? I am offering my free help at the moment through Melosity:


It is important to pick your battles when it comes to social media. Here’s my thoughts on the subject:

Quick tip 118 Don’t try to be everywhere

Remember I mentioned earlier learning to ask? Here’s me asking your help, and the response has been amazing 🙂 The help has arrived in form of shares all around social media, but also in advice, and some real good advice. Thank you so much! Read more here and get involved:

I need your help

Advice is cheap, but good advice is rare and hard to come by. Take time to think it over before you react on new advice:

Quick tip 119 Be sceptical

Take action today, make things happen:

Quick tip 120 Take action

When you are working hard trying to make your dream reality, from time to time things get tough and you might feel like giving up. Don’t! Read this blog post for some motivation:

Tip the scales

And that was the wrap-up of another busy week. Feel free to share any of the posts you like 🙂 A lot more cool stuff on the way. Have a rocking week!


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MelosityOk, so many of the regular readers of my blog have heard about Melosity by now. I asked some of my followers to sing backing vocals on a song of mine through Melosity, which is a new online recording software / collaboration tool. You can read more about the project HERE. I spent several hours in the Melosity office last week talking about the software and how it can be improved on. I think it is important to state that I am not affiliated with Melosity, I just advise them in a hopes that they can build a tool that I will be able to use for years to come.

I see potential in what they do. For me to be able to set up a recording session online, then invite friends to contribute on it, without having to share files through Dropbox every time someone records something new, is just brilliant. The fact that I can hear their take as soon as they have finished recording, no matter where they are in the world just blows me away 🙂

I also see another few big benefits on this system. You see Melosity offer you free storage for all of your recordings. This means you won’t clog up your storage in your computer. In the past having an external hard drive was a must for recording, but now many of us are recording on the go. The design in new computers is moving towards relaying in online storage, rather than massive built-in hard drives.

Sure this requires us to have an internet connection, but this is something that is becoming more and more widely available. And the future is on the way 😉 Elon Musk announced earlier on the year that he is planning a network of satellites to provide global internet access. There are other major tech companies also with plans of using weather balloons and drones to do the same. So it is only matter of time before the whole world has access to internet connection.

I can hear many of you being skeptical, and thinking this will never work. But stranger things have become reality in our life time. And I for one am trying to utilise the new developments to my advantage, rather than fight against them.

So right now I am hoping to test the capabilities of Melostiy as far as I can. And if you want to join me I’d gladly be part of your projects as well. Just set up your own project and send me an invitation through Melosity to jpkallio@hotmail.com with instructions on what you’d like me to do 🙂
So let’s get creating some music 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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7th of June Blog update

7thjuneblogupdateWhat a week I’ve had! I really got into using Periscope, and I must say I am impressed! We did few takes from our rehearsals, and I even did a late night one from my home 🙂 Then I got the chance to visit the Melosity offices and had a long chat with the CEO Rory O’Farrell (thanks for the lunch Rory!). I read about Melosity first time back in April, before they went live. I became one of the beta testers and got a chance to check it out briefly, but this week I decided to really put it to the test with the help of you guys. But more on that in Thursdays blog. Let me just say, this might change the way I work, and I don’t say that lightly.

Also on one of my Twitter conversations we somehow ended up talking about money and Kickstarter. I haven’t really talked about this much, but we are getting close to it 😉 I have been thinking of using Patreon, but I have few hesitations. First of all, I don’t want to turn this into some kind of exclusive club where you can only be part of it if you pay… That is not why I make music and that is not why I write these blog posts. If you are not familiar with Pateron, check out THIS VIDEO. You see, at the moment the money I make from the album sales is nowhere near the money I spend to keep all of this going. If I did not play regular shows with Sliotar and sessions in the Porterhouse, I would not be able to do this. I am not complaining, I love what I do. But… And its a big but 😉 It would be nice to be able to dedicate little bit more time to all of this, and maybe even have a budget to work with. As you know all of my videos I’ve done my self, on a non-existent budget. All of the recordings I have done on my own limited recording equipment, on my own apart from few exceptions where some good friends stepped into help. I outsource the mastering. And I am hoping to really get touring soon as well, but to get started on it, will require the help of many friends, but also some… Money…

So before we get into this weeks blog posts, I’d like to ask you your opinions of me using Patreon, do you think it would work? And what would you like to see as the incentives? I mean even before we get started, I am already committed to record several albums every year, and writing hell of a lot of blog posts 😉 But I have some pretty crazy ideas brewing in the back of my head, which would require a budget. So let me know here in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook what you think, or even just email me at jpkallio@hotmail.com and let me know your thoughts. And now let’s get in to the blog posts 🙂

This weeks song “I Believe” was as happy as my songs get 😀 Check it out here

I Believe

On Monday I was trying to tackle a subject that can get on the way of so may things in our life:

Toxic thinking

We get so wrapped up in finding new fans, trying to monetize our music, get heard by as many people as possible that sometimes we forget the truly important stuff:

Quick tip 106 Let people fall in love

The Irish Times got me bit fired up by posting an unnecessary negative article. Read all about it here:

Long live the festivals

To be up on the latest promotion trends in the music business is not enough, you need to be innovative:

Quick tip 107 Innovate

I got thinking about art and how it needs to be more accessible, rather than an exclusive club:

Everyday art

And us artists should immerse ourselves in the arts, let other artists inspire us:

Quick tip 108 Immerse yourself in arts

So here’s the big news of the week. I am putting Melosity to the test the best possible way I could think. And that is by inviting all my followers to collaborate with me 🙂 Read all about it here:

Make music with me

Today, I believe it is more important than ever for artist to have their own voice:

Quick tip 109 Have a voice

And here’s my thoughts on Periscope:

Quick tip 110 Periscope

Last but not least, I was in a mood to talk about songwriting once again 🙂

On Songwriting part 10

So there you go my fine companions of the world-wide web. I believe we have carved a nice corner for our selves here 😉 So let’s do it all again next week, you bring the food and wine, I’ll bring the coffee. And in the mean time, feel free to share anything you find here, it really makes a big difference for me 🙂


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Make music with me

MelosityI have an idea that I would like to share with you. On the current album there is a song, which is the tittle track of the album. It is a song that is close to my heart. I would even go as far as saying it is a selfish song 😉 I wrote it about my self, I wrote it to release some of my feelings based in self-doubt, guilt and the need to justify my existence. Sound kind of deep, I know… But sometimes us songwriters need to exercise our own demons.

But the more I thought about the song, the more I sang it, the more I realised how universal the subject of the song actually is. I recorded and posted the song itself in a simple acoustic form HERE.

Now for the album I would like to try something I haven’t done before. I would like to get some of my fellow artists to join me singing the chorus. And I would like you to do this from your own computer. How? Let me tell you how 😉

Have you ever heard of Melosity? Melosity is a new Irish startup, that only went live with their website last month. Basically it is an online recording software. And I thought what would be a better way to put it to the test than try to collaborate with as many people as possible. Basically I am looking people to sing backing vocals on the chorus, more the merrier.

And just for the sake of clarity, and I hate that I even need to say this, but I do, you will do this from the goodness of your heart. I will hold the sole rights to the recording. I would love you to collaborate with me, but if it is money you are after, this is not a gig for you. So far my albums barely break even, and for me to make profit out of any of these will take a long time. But even more so, I want this song to be a labour of love, not paid employment. You will be credited for the work on my blog and if I end up printing physical copies of the album, your name will be mentioned in the album notes. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. If you do and still want to be part of it, read on.

What you need to do is head over to www.melosity.com and register an account with them. Then drop me an Email at jpkallio@hotmail.com and let me know you want to be part of it and I will in get back to you with further instructions 🙂

I am hoping we can make something beautiful together 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
To get EIGHT of his songs for free go HERE