Side By Side

We have come to the end of the songs from my second album “Read Between The Lines“. This week’s song is the last track and it is called “Side By Side”. This is a song I wrote when I almost had finished the album, and this ended up replacing a song that I was not 100% happy with at the end. And I am happy I went with this one. It is a very intimate song, so I wanted to keep the performance as intimate as possible as well.

Side By Side The song itself is a quite dark look at a relationship and how we sometimes just go with it, rather than work on it. And a few years down the line we realise we have nothing in common. It is a hard place to be, and often when things have gone that far, it usually is too late. Once the love is gone, it is hard to reignite the spark… But it usually is both sides of the relation ship that let things get that bad. This song is a reminder to work on it before it is too late. You can be the best friends in the world, but if the love is gone, it is not a relationship. And it is avery different thing to be “in love” and to “love” someone. You can fall “in love” time and time again, that is the fireworks at the beginning of a relationship, and it can light up over and over again, if you take a good care of your relationship. To “love” someone is more complex. And I believe you need to be able to to love and respect yourself first before you allow yourself to be loved.

So if you have some special one in your life, don’t forget to nourish that love. Take some time for each other, go out for a dinner, walk on the beach and yes there is more, but I’ll let you figure that part out yourself 😉 And if you don’t have someone special at the moment, now would be a good time to look at yourself, start to appreciate yourself, learn to love yourself. It is kind of ironic when we feel bad about ourselves, and feel like we need someone to make us feel great again, that’s when the “love” is hardest to find. But when we allow ourselves to be loved, the “love” will find its way. I know this sounds like lot of spiritual hocus pocus, but I actually believe there is a more scientific explanation to do with primal animal instinct built-in to us, where we sense the strong (in this case spiritually) ones in the crowd. I know that last bit does not sound very romantic, but there are reasons why humans survived for few hundred thousand years. So let’s not forget to embrace the animal in us, it’s what kept us live so far 😉

So there you go. That is the last track. And as I write this, I’m trying to rush back in to do some recording for the next weeks song and a new chapter in our journey. But for now, hit those share buttons, share the song far and wide and let the love thrive 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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