Scared Of Life

New year, new song. So here we go, I am embarking on my third year of the 52 song challenge. This weeks song looks at the world and how it has changed. How different it is for the children today, than it was for me when I was a child. Have we gone too far to turn back? It is not just how the world has changed, but how we have changed. Word seems so much scarier, because we have access to information, not because the bad things did not happen in the past. It’s just that now we know more, as the information is on our fingertips.

Are our children going to have a better chance of life if we bring them up in a  bubble? Or should we just have fait that there is more good than bad int he world? And for us, today is what matters, not what has been or will be. We have one chance at this life, we have once chance to spend with the young ones, while they still are young, and that is today. So lets start the new year by acknowledging that we need to make most of this year, and to do so today, not half way down the year, when we are not so busy.

Go and grab a download of this weeks song from my Bandcamp page HERE. Do it today, not later, as later will never come. And if you put this task aside, what else are you push until the “time is right?” And share this song the word. Lets bring more music into people’s life’s in 2016 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
To get EIGHT of his songs for free go HERE


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