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contractOk, this is a short post, in fact a damn short post 😀 But the reason I am posting this here, and not just as a social media post, is the fact that I always wanted my blog to be a useful resource of information for musicians and singer-songwriters. And if that information is provided by another blog, book or resource, I am happy to direct you in their direction.

Even though I am a big advocate of “Do It Yourself” approach in music business, largely to do with my punk rock roots, it is still important for the artist to know and understand record deals. If the label comes knocking, it is very tempting to jump onboard, (I know, I’ve been there…) but before you do, educate your self.

And I see it as a pointless exercise for me to rewrite something that someone else has already done a great job. So if you are a musician, hoping to be one, or just interested how it all works behind the scenes, check out a blog post by HERE.

It is a comprehensive and up to date article, that I highly recommend.

But before I leave you to go about your daily business, I can’t help my self reminding you that we live in a time in the music business, where you can successfully release your own music and stay in charge of your own creativity. So think twice before you sign that dotted line.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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