Quick tip 253 2015 game changer no 3

J.P.s Quick tipContinuing on the subject from yesterday, as the extra weight started to drop,  noticed a natural desire to exercise more. For years now I have done some sort of weight routine, but this time I got organised. I like using dumbbells, as I have them in my home, and I have less of an excuse not to lift them. But again, what ever works for you and what ever you are able tho maintain, go with that.

Exercise has been a big game changer. It has had a tremendous effect on the quality of my sleep, my productivity, my over all mood. And as the weights got the blood flowing in my body and muscles properly again, I felt the need to move more. Now I am running again after quite few years break. I cannot recommend highly enough the 5K Runners app, it really has helped me in a big way, and avoided injury. I am hoping 2016 will be a year I will stick to this routine for the full year 🙂


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