Quick tip 250 Believe in the magic

J.P.s Quick tipOk, the day that is in it, let me get bit “spiritual” for a lack of a better word. It does not matter if you believe in Christmas, or what your religious orientation is, this time is a great time of the year to spend with loved ones. The western world stops and so should you. And it would not hurt to believe in a little bit of magic.

You see, we are so practical these days, for so many people their faith is the only unexplained thing they believe, everything else needs to be explained and understood. Some of us don’t even have that. But still there are so many unexplained things in this world. So why not believe in a little bit of magic. Share it with the children, who might just be wondering why the adults have turned so boring.

And while you are at it, why not take faith in some higher energy in this world of ours. I am not talking about religion as such, although religion can be it for you, but more of an energy. Why not believe that your attitude and outlook could have an effect on your life. Why not believe we actually have more control over things than what we believe. After all, if we don’t believe we can do it, why should anyone else? Believe in the magic.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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