Quick tip 247 Get good by doing

J.P.s Quick tipThe experience of having actually done something is extremely valuable. And I let you on a little secret: You don’t actually need to be great at something when you start. We live in a very different world than our parents would have born into. The costs evolved around making art have become less and less. In some cases, like making videos, it has become something that is available to most people, where as most of our parents could not even dream about owning a camera that could record video. Home recording has made creating music available to anybody who owns a computer. Our mobile phones have given us all a chance to enjoy photography. Blogs can give writers a platform to write.

So with all of these barriers lowered, why not just start creating and get good at it in the process? The only things holding you back is your worry of “what others might think?” and the willingness to just get up and do it. What others might think, is a silly fear. In fact, if it is constructive criticism, you can learn from it. Most people will enjoy watching you grow. And the occasional nasty critic is not worth listening to, or will just grow your character.

Figure out what it is you want to create, and jut do it. Do a lot of it.  With time, you will get good by doing it. Being perfect every time teaches us nothing.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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