Quick tip 243 Best DAW for you

J.P.s Quick tipOk, before I get in to it, I’ll admit the subject is a bit of a trick… But there is a very important lesson here. First of all for those of you who don’t know, DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation, basically it is the software you record music on your computer.

When I started releasing song a week I was recording the songs on a PC laptop and on the most basic Cubase. Since then I upgraded to a MacBook pro (second-hand) and Logic Pro X. The point is, sure I think my current setup is much better, but the original did get the job done. In fact my first solo album “Northern Boy” was recorded on the Cubase.

So here’s the point. All of this stuff are supposed to help you make music. And to me the best DAW is the one which gets on the way the least and give me the easiest workflow. For me currently that is Logic Pro X. But you need to find the one which serves you the best. And don’t forget, not even the bets DAW in the world is going to make you write better songs, or perform better music.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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