Quick tip 234 Live to fight another day

J.P.s Quick tipBeing a great musician requires the ability to work through what ever a live show throws at you. Things will go wrong, and you need to improvise. You need to be able to keep a cool head and just pretend that it is all part of the show.

But there are also times when you need to throw in the towel and live to fight another day. Most stages are covered in electronic equipment, and electricity is something you need to take seriously enough ( believe you me, I got thrown back by an electric shock form a faulty lightning rig, back in the days before the led lights… not fun!) So there are times, rainstorm hitting  a festival stage, bad venue electronics, fixed by someone with no experience, that you just need to walk away.

No gig is worth risking your life for! Live to fight another day.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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