Quick tip 231 What you did in the past does not guarantee anything

J.P.s Quick tipSo you have had some success. You have toured the world a bit. You get recognised from time to time when you walk down the street. You feel like you have made it. You feel like you are someone.

Us musicians too easily think we are entitled to something. The thing is, your past is your experience. It is what you can build your future on. But your past does not guarantee your work will be great tomorrow. “I have done this, so I am worth this much” does not really work in the real world. What you should be saying is “I can do this for you and it will be worth at least this much to you.”

It is hard to put a price on art, but that does not mean you should be just pulling figures out to of your hat. Be realistic what your performance is worth, and whether you are willing to work for it, or not. If your sole purpose is to make loads of money, there are much easier ways to do it than music.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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