Quick tip 230 Good busy, or bad busy?

J.P.s Quick tipHow often do you answer “busy” when asked how you are? I know I do all the time. But then again, I like keeping myself busy. I am slowly but surely becoming into terms with what actually makes me happy, and being able to create is definitely high on that list. But I do find myself from time to time in a situation where I am busy almost for the sake of just being “busy.” And it is in times like these where you need to ask yourself whether it is good busy, or bad busy?

You see, when we start skipping things like sleep, eating and exercise in a hopes of getting more done, we more than likely are starting to work against our selves. We all have an optimal peak performance, and it definitely is not after 16 hours of work, not sleep, no exercise and a lunch of take away food. I have learned that I can be more productive working in short bursts, than trying to push myself hour after hour. And when you do need to do that, remember to take regular breaks, do some push ups, or walk around the blog, eat some healthy food (don’t forget the fat, our brain needs the fat.) Human body is amazing machine, that most of us never use to its potential capacity. Show your body some “love,” And you will be surprised what it is capable of achieving.


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