Quick tip 229 Bigger is not always better

J.P.s Quick tipLast night I was playing a show where the venue had hired an external company to provide the sound. The world of live sound is slowly but surely going digital. The speaker technology is getting more compact, where we are able to reproduce amazingly wide spectrum of frequencies with smaller speakers. The system we got to use was a pair of Mackie DLM12 speakers and a QSC TouchMix-16 Digital desk. Let me just say that I was very impressed. And there are many more powerful compact options out there these days.

This got me thinking about Sliotar’s first sound system. It was big, it was clunky and it was the reason for a many pulled muscles in our backs. So lets face the facts, the technology has moved on enough that we can say bigger is not always better. The size of your “equipment” does not make you anymore professional looking. It is your music and your show that need to do the talking.


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