Quick tip 221 Go out and create

J.P.s Quick tipThe point of being an indie artist is that no one tells you what to do, or even more so to the point what not to do. Write an album, record an album, promote it and tour, is the way the big labels have done it for years. But today it is a new music industry, and a lot of the old ways don’t work anymore in the digital age.

Go out and create. Create a lot! Create songs, music, records, singles, E.P.s, videos, blogs, photos, poems, paintings, what ever you want. You are in charge of how much you want to release and how often. Think of is this way, would you like to hear and see more stuff from your favourite artist? I bet you would! So why not give this to your fans?

But even more so right now, world needs art, lots of art in all of it shapes, forms and sizes. Art to mourn, to reflect, to keep going to, heal, to love. Go out and create.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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