Quick tip 219 Share your skills

J.P.s Quick tipLast night I was up until about 2am helping a friend with an assignment. This morning I spent few hours writing a detailed guide for a particular company to build their Instagram following. So it was only around 11am I actually got to work on my own stuff. Why did I do it? Well for starters I like to help, I like to share my skills. But also by sharing my skills I will get more experience in my skills.

If you know how to do something, anything really, to stay good at it you need to be actively practicing it. So if some one you like, respect or admire asks you to help, do it. Do it without thinking about it too much. You see sometimes sharing your skills just for the good of it all, you will be rewarded down the line. And if not, at least you get some more experience. It is good to value your work, but too often I’ve seen people refusing to work because they were not getting the fee they were expecting. And soon enough some one else who did the work for much less, had passed them and earning much more. Why? Because they took on every job and got very good at it through the experience.


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