Quick tip 212 Commit to something

J.P.s Quick tipI get frustrated from time to time with messages from people where they are basically asking for the shortcut. By this I mean something along these lines: “could you please check out my new single and share it with your fans.”

I get these every day of the week. The first part “please check out my music,” I’m ok with that. Although, if you give me a reason to do so, or make it my choice, the chances of me checking it out are much higher 😉 The second part? The chances are very slim. Let me explain why.

I spent a lot of time building relationships online. Through this I have built what you could call a following. These are people who listen to my music and read my blog posts. They have a good idea what I like, and many of them trust my recommendations. So if I was to share every hip hop/ death mental track that I get sent links to, I bet I would lose the trust of my followers very fast.

So instead I give you advice all the time how to build your own following. And here’s a thing no one wants to hear: It takes time and hard work! So get on it. So where do you start? Commit to something. Commit to do something every day. Post something that is in line with what you do every day. Two years a go I started tweeting every morning something about coffee, just because I love coffee. I still do it every morning. I started to blog few times a week, which turned into daily and last week I posted 14 blog posts. I also committed to write, record and release a new song every week. And I have plans to expand.

I know that is a lot, but start with something. Make commitment to your self that you are going to do something to build your following every day. Don’t spam. Instead offer something that will make you worth following.


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