Quick tip 201 Let your fans get to know you

J.P.s Quick tipLong are gone the days when artist was that mystical entity, living in his mansion high up on the hill. The only image we had of them was the one portrayed on the magazine cover, and if we were lucky, in the live show. I know there are people who miss those “good old days,” but to me it was all so fake…

Today, largely thanks to social media, we get glimpses into the everyday life of an artist. We get to communicate with them and in a way, we get to know them. Today, they are real people for us. I used to buys music solely for the music. Now I get a great satisfaction knowing I am supporting the artist as well.

So let your fans get to know you. Let them get to know who you really are. You will build much more devoted fan base, and real relationships with your fans. These are some of the things the major labels never wanted you to have, as it takes away their power. But for an independent artist, these are some of the most powerful tools.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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