Quick tip 197 It is never too late

J.P.s Quick tipUnless you are laying on your dying bed, given only months or weeks to live, it is never too late to start something new. I often hear people ask me what age I was when I started to play guitar. And if I tell them I was 10 when I first started, they automatically take it as the reason I am so confident on the instrument. Sure the years help, but I know guitarists who have played only fraction of the time I have and they give me run for their money.

Using age as an excuse for not starting something new is just that, and excuse. My grandfather started to build model boats when he retired. In his own words he just wanted to “show them how its done.” With in a few years he went on to win several awards at the Model expo in Helsinki. And I can tell you his work is unbelievably detailed.  So if my grandfather can start something new, so can you.

“I would liked to be a musician, but now I am too old.” I’ve actually heard people barely 30 saying this to me. How bout Seasick Steve? He only made his break through what he was 65 years old. So stop giving me excuses, experience always wins, as long as it is harnessed with positive attitude. It is never too late.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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