Quick tip 192 Offer value past the physical product

J.P.s Quick tipIn the old music business model the artist would record an album, go out on a tour to promote the album and hope to sell enough albums to make both the artist and the record label a substantial amount of money. Today that model has been reversed. We record albums so that we can tour and hopefully make money from the tour. But that was pretty much it, that was all the artists offered their fans in the past.

In today’s music business, which is very much powered by the internet, the artist can have a relationship with their fans. So it is important for the artist to figure out how to offer value past the physical product, as lets face it, that is not where the money is anymore. But the lines of physical product and other art is getting blurry. We see more and more artists expanding what they do and offer their fans. The successful independent artists nurture the relationship they have with their fans. They do what ever it takes to make them feel special and to build a connection. Offer value past the physical product, get creative.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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