Quick tip 190 Improve yourself

J.P.s Quick tipAny sensible business should try to improve their product all the time. Music business is no different, and nowhere else is this more evident than in the independent music business. So you should work on improving your product at every level. Ultimately this comes down to you.

As an independent artist, what is your end product? What is it that people invest in? The album? The live show? Close, but not quite. It is you! You should work on improving yourself. By becoming a better version of your self, all of the above will improve as well. Educate your self, take better care of your health, our diet, practice, create more. All of these things will eventually filter down to your audience. If you just concentrate on making the best album possible, you might hit a rock wall along the way, as some of your skills fail you. Or maybe your singing voice is not fit enough to execute the vocals. Maybe the album does not get the exposure it should as you never bothered to educate your self on how to promote it.

If you are an artist, everything eventually comes down to you. And no record label, manager or booking agent can’t make you famous if you are not willing to improve yourself all the time. The growth of your career starts from your personal growth.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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