Quick tip 187 Discipline in music business

J.P.s Quick tipMany of us as younger versions of our selves got into music business in a hopes of having certain “freedom.” We think we can be our own boss. We think we can get out of bed what ever time we want, and stay up partying until what ever time we want. That was very much the case with me back in my teenage years. The reality today is very different from the truth. Yes you are your own boss, but that is exactly why discipline is so important.

But what I have become to realise in the not so distant past might surprise some of you, the path to true freedom can be found in discipline. The more I work on something, the better I get at it. And guess what? It takes discipline. And the more disciplined I am with my self, the more in control I feel and to my surprise, happier I feel. So get working on your discipline. Take control of your life and your career.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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