Quick tip 180 Your mind is your instrument

J.P.s Quick tipI had an interesting discussion two nights ago with a gentleman from Canada who was staying in the same hotel with me in Ischia, in Italy. It was late at night and we were watching as Vesuvius in the distance made its appearance known by surging out some fireballs in to the  night sky.

Turned out he was a psychologist by profession. And surprisingly our conversation soon enough turned into the power of meditation. But he gave me a professional view, which I found very interesting. His emphasis was on mindfulness and how many of us get it wrong, I know I have. We all think meditation is all about not thinking of anything and just drifting away. I was told it is actually quite opposite, it is being in the moment aware of your emotions, feelings and that constant flow of stuff our brain throws out, like that volcano did in to the night sky, and just noticing them, and then letting them go.

I mentioned before how I found meditation to be very powerful tool to help concentrate while you perform. And as I talked yesterday about taking care of your body. Today I’d like to remind you to take care of the mind as it also is your instrument 🙂


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