Quick tip 179 Your body is your instrument

J.P.s Quick tipI am middle of the first week of my holidays, and I can all ready feel my body slowly winding down 🙂 I am after having a busy summer and in the past few weeks I could feel my wrists and arms building up some mention from all the playing. Strumming that guitar turns in to a proper work out, if you do enough of it you know 😉

So there is no place like right now to remind my self you guys that keeping those arms healthy is extremely important. Don’t let tension build up, as if you do, that’s when you will do some long-term damage.

Some relaxation and mindfulness techniques are extremely powerful ways to release tension while you play.

And building strong muscles in your arms and especially in your fore arm muscles for guitar players does help to build strong foundation. But still from time to time you need  to give them a proper rest.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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