Quick tip 176 Just do it

J.P.s Quick tipI am borrowing the famous catchphrase from Nike for today’s blog post. I did an interview few days a go and in the interview this point came up, so I thought to share it with you here in bit more detail. When you first get into the music business, you are lost. You don’t even know where to start. And that is fine, as if you did, the lack of experience would definitely make you drop down to your knees in the first few steps. No one is great at something from the get go. So if it takes time to learn the trade, it is time you spend getting better at your music as well.

But when you have few years of experience under your belt, then it is time to get moving. And there are no short cuts, you just need to do it! You need to learn the business and just do it. “But surely great music is what it is all about?” I hear you say. Let me put it this way, you need to have great music. That is the starting point, but if you don’t also get good at the business, you don’t have much hope. I have seen artists with not so great music, but great understanding and knowledge of the business getting much further than artists with brilliant music but no business skills at all. So go out there and Just do it! Get your feet wet, fall down, get back up again and learn the business. Just do it.


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