Quick tip 174 Show me the money

J.P.s Quick tipDon’t pay for any service that asks for advance payment. There I said it! There are too many cowboys out there in the music business waiting to take your money and run, or do a half ass job. I know there are exceptions here, but in general, you should always make sure what ever someone is saying they are going to do for you is done before you pay for it.

There seem to be a mentality in the music business, where the artist needs to pay to get ahead. I have no problem paying for services, but only after you deliver the service. That is the way things are pretty much in any field of business. And as long as artists are willing to pay in advance, there will always be some one trying to take advantage of this situation.

So by sticking together we can change this. If we all demand the service delivered before we pay, all these companies making money out of the artist will need  to change their business model. Be smart with your money.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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