Quick tip 172 There are no limits to the source of inspiration

J.P.s Quick tipInspiration can hide in many forms, and often our own preconceptions can get on the way. Open your mind past the music or art you are a fan of. From time to time, listen to music you are not a big fan of, you might be surprised how this can trigger creativity in your mind.

We can get so wrapped up on the scene we are part of, or the type of music we love. This is like being trapped in a time warp. Music is a living, breathing thing and by its nature it evolves. Be part of that process, rather than try to fight it.

Let the world around you inspire you. Expose your self to many forms of art, the weirder he better. Inspiration is all around us and waiting for you to grab it and turn it in to something wonderful. Don’t wait around for it to find you, go after it.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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