Quick tip 167 Perfect art is not perfect

J.P.s Quick tipArt by it’s nature is volatile and ever-changing. And imperfection is a big part of it. So if you are working on that perfect recording, or a song, keep this in mind. Trying to make everything perfect all the time might just work against you.

Instead just create. Let the process guide you. Go with it. Don’t try to accomplish perfection. This will have you sweating over a small detail that nobody else than you care about. Instead just let it flow out. I’ve even set my self time frames in the past, just to make sure I would not overwork things. In my experience, overworking something rarely improves anything.

Don’t aim for perfection, instead try to create from your heart. None of us are perfect, so why should our art try to be?


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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