Quick tip 166 Build skills

J.P.s Quick tipAcquiring a special set of skills is one of the keys to success. We all have skills we acquired along the way. And it is our unique set of skills that make us special. But you should always look to build more skills. Applying particular skills into a task in hand is how we get things done.

Don’t only concentrate on the obvious ones. Sure thing, playing a particular instrument is a skill, you should be working on all the time, but also things like recording music, booking shows, interacting with your audience, writing better songs. But skills go even further than that. For example nutrition, knowing what food to eat and what it does to your body is a skill. Knowing how to calm yourself at the end of the day to fall a sleep and get a good night sleep is a skill (I know it from experience, I’ve suffered from insomnia in the past.)

And think outside the box as well. I thought my self the basis of HTML and WordPress in the past, and they have turned out to be very valuable skills. What new skill could you learn today?


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