Quick tip 164 Value of learning

J.P.s Quick tipI often talked about alternative ways of valuing your work in the music business. Cash is golden, no doubt about that, and without it you cannot make living out of music. But there are times you have spare time, or particular job might not pay as well as you hoped. In these situations you need to ask your self, can you learn something valuable in this job?

Never underestimate the opportunity to learn. Money comes and it goes, but new set of skills, or improving an existing skill is something that stays with you. It adds value to you as an artist, as a musician. For example I put a lot of value to my online promotion skills, they took me a long time to acquire and I am still learning every day. I put a lot of value in my live performance, but to get as confident at it as I am, it took thousands of shows. I put value in  my studio skills as an engineer and as a musician, but I’ve been spending time in studios and recording since I was a teenager. All of these skills I would not have acquired unless I had been doing a lot of work for nothing, or next to nothing over the years.


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