Quick tip 162 Make your words count

J.P.s Quick tipWhat I learned early on in my days as a musician, this industry has a lot of hot talk. People say they are going to do this, that or something else, but never get around to it. First it did drive me a bit mad, but further down the road I accepted it as just the way some people are. Getting angry or disappointed about it every time it happened would have made for a very unpleasant life 😀 Now I have a filtering system where I know who to listen to and who is just talking for the sake of talking 😉

But you can use this to your advantage, as I have. Don’t promise to do anything if you don’t plan to see it through. Make your words count. People will learn soon enough that what you say actually has some value. And when you as people to help you or work with you they know things will happen. Don’t be the person talking about things you are planning to do, be the person who does them.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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