Quick tip 159 Double-check

J.P.s Quick tipI was just wondering around the Apple music library for routing around some old favourites. I ended up on Josh Thompson’s page. I have been eagerly waiting him to release a second album for a while now. I knew there has been some record label issues going on behind the scenes, and now he has finally taking control back to him self, so I hope we will see a lot more music from the man.

Anyway, on his Apple music page there was a new EP. I got exited! But to my disappointment there had been a mistake… This was not the Josh Thompson I knew… But still this EP was on page with his all Josh’s previous albums… Just a few seconds into the track I knew there had been a mistake. This was an amateur quality recording, with almost off-key singing… It was fine, I knew it was not Josh, but what if someone thought it was? Not very good press for him…

Anyway this got me thinking of the age-old fact. Always check, and double-check. If some one else does it for you, still double-check! People make mistakes, and when it comes to your career, you want to catch those mistakes as early as possible.


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