Quick tip 158 Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

J.P.s Quick tipThe regular readers of my blog know I am all for innovation and creating something new. I love to see artist chomp with a new way to promote their music. Be creative, music promotion is an art form in it self.

But in the other hand, if something works, why change it? When you are a small up and coming artist on the rise, sure enough it is important to reinvent your self and the ways you reach people, even just to scale up to your now larger fan base. But certain things just work the way they are, so why try to reinvent them?

So let me put this in to perspective. If you have a fan acquisition process in place that works and you can see results, is it worth your while spend the next month going through all of the details of it, if at the end of it all you only see one or two percent improvement? Surely you could have spent that time writing more music, or playing live. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, if it works.


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