Quick tip 156 Ask the right questions

J.P.s Quick tipFor most of us in the music business, it is a constant learning curve. You need to figure out how to do this, or that all the time. What the years have thought me is that people are more than willing to help you, if you ask them the right questions.

From time to time I get emails from artist’s only starting on their path asking if I can help them. In the past I sent long emails with detailed instructions. Most of them were waste of my time. So now my reply is simply “read my blog.” I spent nearly two years writing and posting blog posts about all the aspects of music business here. I offered the information freely from my heart. So if they don’t bother to search, they probably don’t bother to implement most of it either.

The ones I still answer, and I get answers from others in the business are the specific questions. Do your research before you ask, and only ask for the stuff you don’t find the answers. If people can help you, and they can see you put the work in already, they are much more likely to help you. But if you are looking for short cuts, you might be sorely disappointed.


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