Quick tip 155 What you would want your self to do?

J.P.s Quick tipBig part of promoting music is creating content. This can be anything from music, videos and shows down to things like art work, blog post and social media posts. Lately I have spent a little bit of time trying to figure out what works the best, when it comes to the content. Which kind of content resonates  with people, pick ups friction and gets most engagement? These are important things to think about as a musician to make the most of your time.

So what works the best? Very often we make content we either want to make, or content we have been told is effective. The first one works sometimes, the second rarely works simply because by the time we hear about it, it’s already been done by so many people, that it has become irrelevant. But what I find works the best is stuff I would like to see others make. Think about it for a second. What would you want to see your favourite artists do? Could you scale this down to your level? If you do this, you are straight away making something that comes from your heart, and more than likely will resonate with others.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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