Please Be Gentle

file000380733782As human beings we are dysfunctional, no doubt about that. Somewhere in the past we all believed in that special someone, we believed in “true love”. I do believe we get this image from media, movies, TV shows, books, stories, songs… And I don’t particularly think there is anything wrong with that. But sometimes things just are little bit different in real life. Yes we can find that perfect someone, but still real relationships are something you need to work on all the time. Plant don’t grow if you don’t water it. And often this takes us opening our hearts, even with the risk of getting it torn to pieces. I suppose there is a stereo type of men being the hard ones, but the truth again is very much different from the myth. Women can, as much as men bottle up and close their feelings in a fear of getting hurt. We are scared to expose our selves and I suppose it is very much a natural self preservation and self protection. But somewhere in your relationship you need to be willing to lower your guards and let the other person in.

I wrote this weeks song “Please Be Gentle” quite late in the process of making the album. And once again I dug deep in me in a hopes to bring out something, that might be a beacon of hope to others. I lowered my guard for this song, so that you would lower your guard for some one you love 🙂

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