Perfection v Progress

ProgressVPrefection“When we focus on perfection, we will be forever frustrated. When we focus on progress, we feel invigorated.”
-Jeff Shore

I have seen so many great albums and musical projects failed just because they concentrated on perfection, instead of progress. In studio, you end up polishing raw and energetic takes until all the life is taken out of them. You forget what sparked the song in the beginning. Bands get started with a big bang, but the budget just isn’t there and so often this is used as an excuse. We don’t have a website, because we can’t afford to build one that is good enough for the band. We don’t have the money to record album that would be up to our standards. We don’t have money to advertise (this is my favourite, so you want to be a musician, but you are not willing to invest in your career? Come on! You can start with just $1 a day). And so often I hear people just giving out about other artists and how they are doing it wrong, and “If I would do it, I would do it so much better”. Here’s the thing, at least they are doing it! Are you?

To me these are just excuses not getting off your back side and doing it! What if just for once you would concentrate on progress, getting things done. Tim Ferris, the author of Four Hour Work Week talks about the 20/80 rule. Basically you figure out something that with 20% of effort gets you 80% of results. This really is a great rule in music business. I have put this to practice with great results. Just stop your self once in a while and think is what ever you are doing really that important. Could you do something that would have much bigger impact on your career? Lets face it, perfection takes years to accomplish, and you will never achieve it by not trying over and over again. So for once, concentrate on Progress instead of Perfection and get it done!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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