Have you ever been told how lucky you are? Lucky because where you were born? Or maybe it is your health? Lets face it, we are all extremely lucky that we are alive, that we have been given this gift of life. But after that many things we perceive as luck, mostly comes down to hard work.

I would consider my self “lucky.” The funny thing is, the harder I work, more luck seems to be coming my way. I used to believe that luck was what it took to make it in the music business. That luck was a great excuse to sit around and wait for it to come along. Now I create my own luck. I work hard, and without trying to sound like I am bragging, I work very hard. Oh how lucky am I to get to travel to a different country to play music? Yes, but before I got here, I worked years on my craft. I had been practicing and playing 10 years before I got my first paid gig. My first paid trip to play abroad? It took me years of networking and building contacts. So you see, yes I am lucky, but only because I worked hard for it.

And aren’t we lucky to be living in these times? Some of us are. Not everyone gets to benefit from the modern technology or science. There still are bills and rent to pay. People are still becoming homeless every day all around the world. Are they lucky? The lucky people who managed to buy a home ten years ago are now in negative equity and the payments on their mortgage is higher than they can afford.

Lucky seems to be a word that gets thrown into a sentence to justify someones privileges and other people’s hardship. It’s a word we use as an excuse for our own failure. It is an idealistic idea of something given to us, without it requiring any work from our part. The fact is luck is a product of a lot of hard work.

So to say that we are lucky because the times we are living in, is a generalisation that will not work for many people around the world. Like the story in this weeks song, hardship is all around us. There are things in this world that are out of our hands, out of our control. To blame them on luck will not change anything. What we have been given is what we got to work with.

As always, this weeks song is up on my Bandcamp page and you can download it for free HERE. Let me know what you think of this weeks song and the subject.


The author J.P. Kallio is a Singer-songwriter and a daily vlogger
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