“Too Late To Say” – Song about loosing a loved one

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This week’s song is a sad one and I know it will touch many of you who have lost someone dear to you. I know I have and as much as it stinks, it is part of life. So here is the thing, I know this song might bring up some emotions you might have tried to deal with. I personally hate when people tell you that you need to just move on, or even worse, take your time to grieve… When you have lost someone, you would like nothing else than to move on, but it feels like this just isn’t possible. Someone that was so dear to you were just pulled from your side, almost like a chunk of you was taken. It will leave a scar that will not ever heal. You will move on as life will not give you any other choice. As to “take your time to grieve”, like it was some sort of process you need to go through… Sure we might curl in a ball and cry, or in my case climb to the top of a hill, look at the world, breath in the cold air and realize the feeling of the air in my lungs is something they can never feel again.

The loss is immense and as much as it cripples us I still try my best to celebrate their life. So the purpose of this song is just to let you know, you are not alone. There are people out there. Despite the fact that your pain is yours and no one can really understand it, there are people out there who have gone through something similar. Let this song be a beacon of light. If it touches you, share it, let other people know they are not alone. That knowledge might just give someone a glimpse of hope in their situation. Life will go on and despite what anybody says it is perfectly acceptable to carry those scars.

And for the rest of you, who have been lucky enough to escape this loss so far, don’t forget to tell people who you love that you do, because there will be a day when it is “Too Late To Say”.


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