I Had Enough

This is a song for anybody who found themselves at any stage during these past few years doubting themselves. We have been fed with information overload. I have seen great artist start to question their abilities and wondering if they will ever get back to doing what they love. I have seen grown men reduced to tears because they are not allowed to do their job, and they end up questioning the purpose of their existence. I have seen rational people lose perspective because they are scared. I’ve seen people give up on hope. With this song, I had a need to show through my perspective, that no matter what these years have thrown at you, you are not the only one going through tough times. And there is nothing wrong with the way you are feeling. Whether it is anxiety, depression or both, these years have pushed all of us to the limits. Every generation go through something monumental in their lifetime. As bad as things have been in the past few years, we are still far off from the levels of suffering during world wars, or a lot deadlier plagues. At the same time, we are the ones living through this right now. The fact that things have been worse for someone else in the past does not take away from your suffering. You are allowed and justified to feel whatever it is you are feeling right now. But hang in there, there will be better days ahead. There always are.



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